Carrie Vitt’s Apricot Pecan Cookies

apricot-and-pecan-cookies-6-adjustedI received a new cookbook in the mail the other day, and, let me say, it was JUST in the nick of time. I’m coming up on my third trimester, and I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE already. I can’t imagine what my body is going to feel like at 9 months, but I know the only way I’m going to survive is if I continue to eat healthy and stay active.

GrainFree HC cWith the holidays coming up continued healthy eating is going to be especially challenging. BUT this new cookbook from Carrie Vitt of the blog Deliciously Organic might just save me. The Grain-Free Family Table includes 125 delicious recipes for healthy eating every day.  All the recipes are grain-free AND she provides adaptations to make them dairy-free and Paleo-friendly. It’s basically the cookbook I wish I had written….

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gluten-free goat cheese and thyme cornbread 2 adjusted

Gluten-Free Goat Cheese and Thyme Skillet Cornbread

After a little break from fall recipes, I’m back! I know you guys feel me on being overwhelmed with upcoming holiday recipes so I just had to take a few days to enjoy some foods that had nothing to do with fall produce or root vegetables. Now that I’ve reset my taste buds, I’m primed…

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pintxo 2

How To Throw a Pintxos Party + Awesome Pintxos Recipes

‘Tis the season for celebration, and fall celebrations usually mean a laser focus on apple and pumpkin flavors, heavy stews and mashes, meaty roasts and creamy casseroles. Along with dips, burgers and dogs at all the football tailgates, it’s a wonder anyone’s pants still fit by December. I’m not complaining. I love apple pie and…

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fig and walnut oat cookie tarts 6 adjusted

Rustic Fig and Walnut Oat Cookie Tarts

One of my favorite things about being married to a Scotsman (aside from the kilts) is the amount of tea I get offered when I’m with his family. I know it sounds kinda (ok, a lot) mundane, but I love a good cup of hot tea, and I wish Americans took tea and tea time…

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