Grandma’s Noodle Kugel Makeover

grandma's noodle kugel makeover 1 adjustedDreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of kugel….I mean, clay. Wouldn’t it be awesome if dreidels were made out of kugel, though? Kind of like gelt – coins made out of chocolate. I may not be a very good Jew (I quit Sunday School when I was 6 years old to be a “dancer”), but I will always appreciate that Jewish holidays revolve around food: latkes, kugel, matzo, bagels. These are the things meant to be celebrated.

My family doesn’t really celebrate Hanukkah anymore, but, as a kid, I remember visiting my grandparents in Florida, lighting the candles and partaking in the oh-so-Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas Day. Those were the days.

When I told my mom I wanted to feature family recipes on my blog, she sent me my Grandma’s Noodle Kugel recipe. I don’t actually remember my grandma ever making me her kugel. All I remember is her feeding me buttered matzo to my little heart’s content – happy food memories – but my mom has made my grandma’s kugel and I know it’s family comfort food perfection. All savory and sweet and creamy and crunchy. It’s actually kind of a weird dish – I mean cheese, noodles, graham crackers and cinnamon? That shouldn’t taste good. But it does….

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thai green curry 8 adjusted

Stuart’s Thai Green Curry

Can you believe it’s mid-December already?? We are in full-blown holiday swing. I use the word “we” loosely because there is very little holiday swing going on at my casa. I’ve managed to knock out most of my holiday shopping early (thanks Amazon) but I’m leaving the decorating, sugar cookie baking and holiday feast making…

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Bolognese pasta 11 adjusted

My Favorite Bolognese Pasta Sauce

I know what you’re thinking. How does a two-hour bolognese recipe fall into my new lifestyle of “simplicity?” It’s got multiple pans, prep work and is not ready in under 3o minutes. Well, let me explain. This bolognese may not be the quickest recipe, but it’s still easy, and, more importantly, not easily messed up….

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best ever roasted potatoes 19 adjusted 2

Best Ever Roasted Potatoes

Simplicity. That’s my new word from now on. Now that I’m entering my third trimester and starting to run out of steam again, I really have no choice but to embrace simplicity. I tried to fight it. But, after two failed batches of grain-free snickerdoodles and a lot of wasted almond flour, I realized that…

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dairy-free chicken tetrazzini 5 adjusted

Dairy-Free Chicken Tetrazzini

Is anyone else stuck in a between-holiday-eating limbo? On one hand, after no less than three Thanksgiving feasts in the past two weeks, I am definitely in need of some healthy goodness in my body. But, on the other hand, I’m kind of still grooving on creamy casseroles and holiday indulgences. I mean Christmas IS…

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bacon butty breakfast sandwich 15 adjusted

The Ultimate Bacon Butty Breakfast Sandwich

WARNING. This post is not healthy. I repeat. This post is not healthy. I wish I could blame this masterpiece on pregnancy cravings but I shamefully dreamt up this indulgent creation almost a year ago when I was brainstorming entries for the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy contest. My entry was “The Highlander” – a Scottish…

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PicMonkey Collage gluten free thanksgiving collage

10 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Anytime I cook for my family there are certain things I have to take into consideration. My mom and brother are lactose intolerant so the meal either has to be light on dairy or Lactaid needs to be a side dish. My stepmom is gluten intolerant so when I cook for her and my dad,…

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