Frozen Strawberry and Almond Smoothie

frozen strawberry almond smoothie 2

When my neighbor, Lesley, asked me if I had any use for the two gallons of frozen strawberries currently languishing in her freezer, I jumped at the offer. (Have I mentioned how awesome she is?) Not that I had anything particular in mind, but just because I have me a small frozen fruit addiction. Mostly, I just defrost little bits of frozen fruit to top my frozen organic quinoa waffles so a big freezer bag lasts about……six months. But, in my mind, I have visions of smoothies, tarts, pies, basically anything that would involve a frozen berry.

frozen strawberry almond smoothie 3

Alasdair is always like, why do you need all these bags of frozen berries that you never use?? And I’m like the point of frozen berries is not to use them but to keep them in your freezer on the off chance you decide to act on one of your frozen berry dessert visions. How am I going to make that frozen berry smoothie someday in the distant future if there are no berries in my freezer?… 

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apple ham and cheddar pita pizza 8

Apple, Ham and Cheddar Pita Pizza with Honey Mustard-Thyme Sauce

I feel like a kid again. I’ve been eating pita pizzas all week. It’s not the first time. Pita pizzas have been known to make the rotation through my weekly lunch menu. But there’s something about these particular pita pizzas with sliced apples and cheddar that really make me feel like a kid again. Where’s… 

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yellow couscous salad with pomegranate dressing 7

Yellow Couscous with Pomegranate and Mint Citrus Dressing

I don’t know what’s going on but I just can’t seem to get enough hearty grain salads in my life. I’ve made it clear that I’m obsessing over some summer orzo salad, and quinoa salads – though technically a seed and not a grain – rock my world. Now, here comes the newcomer. Couscous. Couscous… 

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gnocci with creamy spinach sauce 2

Whole-Wheat Gnocchi with Creamy “No Cream” Spinach Sauce

I feel like I’m slowly becoming a master at creamy “no cream” pasta sauce. I’ve used cauliflower, I’ve used onions, I’ve used soy milk, and I’ve definitely used white beans. All with much success. The one thing I haven’t tried is tofu. No reason, just haven’t gotten around to it. But, last week, that all… 

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blueberry and almond tartlet 3

Gluten-Free Blueberry and Almond Citrus Tartlets

These tartlets have been dancing around in my brain for weeks. No, make that prancing. Yeah, they were all like, “prance, prance, prance, aren’t we adorable, don’t you want to eat us?” And, I was like, I do, I do!! But, I could not for the life of me remember where I’d put the recipe…. 

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