Paleo Plum Crumble with Maple-Ginger Coconut Cream

paleo plum crumble with maple ginger coconut cream 8 adjustedEver notice how food bloggers have their own poetic license? A pizza is no longer dough covered in sauce and cheese, it’s basically any kind of base you can put on a pizza stone (or a baking dish or a skillet or a fill in the blank…) topped with anything. Cheese? Not necessary. Sauce? Only if you want it. Dough? Could be made from oats and almonds, cauliflower, even broccoli.

paleo plum crumble with maple ginger coconut cream 2 adjustedWell, I was about to break out said poetic license today and throw around the word “cobbler” when I had no intentions of making a true cobbler. There were gonna be no biscuits of any kind, just a crispy, crumbly topping suitable for my Paleo and gluten-free friends. And, you know what? It felt wrong. How could I call something a cobbler when it was actually a crisp…or a crumble…or a crisp. (We’ll get to that). Does adding the word “Paleo” or “gluten-free” or “healthy” give us food bloggers license to rename and redefine a whole genre of food?

Are we renegades or visionaries?

On that issue, I’m torn. My lawyer-side which believes that a society needs rules not to collapse into chaos wants a pizza to be a pizza and a cobbler to be a cobbler (unless I’m craving this). But my creative food blogger side wants to explore any and every combination of tasty deliciousness that springs to the minds of myself and my food-loving friends without regard for names or definitions. Who needs words when you’re busy chewing?…

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Paleo Asian-Style Turkey Lettuce Wraps 4

Paleo Asian-Style Turkey and Mushroom Lettuce Wraps

That’s right. We’re still rockin’ the Paleo train over at casa HRx. And, you know what? I don’t hate it. I mean, I REALLY don’t hate it. In fact, I kind of love it. Ok, love is a strong word but I have pretty deep lustful feelings about it right now. This coming from the…

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roasted garlic and chive cauli mash 9

Roasted Garlic and Chive Cauliflower Mash (GF, DF, V, Paleo)

P-A-L-E-O. It’s happening. OK, it’s not 100 percent “I’m giving up pasta for life” happening. No, that’s never happening because pasta = my happy place. But it’s like 80 percent “I’m going to focus on lean proteins and veggies and fruit and nuts and seeds and all things caveman for a little while” happening because (a)…

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beer braised lamb tacos with chive tzatziki 14

Beer-Braised Lamb Tacos with Chive Tzatziki and Radish Salsa

As much as I want to continue complaining about my sleep deprivation and regal you with the details of my first cup of coffee in over 10 years, I thought you all deserve a much-needed break from my seemingly constant bitching and moaning (and the crowd cheers!!). Instead, let’s talk about something positive. Let’s talk…

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roasted red pepper, goat cheese and fennel pasta 6

Roasted Red Pepper, Goat Cheese and Fennel Pasta

Oh hello. I didn’t see you there. You see, I’m currently sleep typing. I’m sitting up, eyes wide open, staring at the screen, little (still puffy) fingers typing away, but I’m fast asleep. In fact, this may all be just a dream. Zzzzz…. I often dream of pasta. I don’t often dream that I’m typing…

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